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What and How.

  1. Introduced the graffiti section by showing books and pictures.

  1. Pair activity. Sketch, think, and collaborate. Graffiti as a communication tool. 

  • Give a sketchbook to each participant and encourage them to draw the first thing it came ut in their mind when they think about Lund. The time frame is 10 minutes. 

  •  Encourage the participants to share their sketch with another participant who is going to draw on the same page to complete the sketch.

  • Encourage the 2 participants to talk about their sketches.​

  1. After about two hours of brainstorming motifs, the participants will follow the pedagogues to the wall you are going to paint.

Suggestions for a graffiti workshop.

A strong suggestion if you are thinking to start a graffiti workshop activity is to invite an expert street artist who also has pedagogical experience working with inclusion.

Contact the municipality and ask for permits for a place downtown! We have asked LKF (the municipality organization that regulates all matters about buildings), and have got the formal permits to use a wall in a very central point, for one month. The focus of this section is to increase the feeling of belonging by using a place in town which is as visible as possible. The feeling to have the possibility to change the public space is a strong factor that increases the feeling of belonging to a place.

Try to have a plan B in case of rain!

Be sure to buy tools and supplies enough for all participants.

Count at least 6 spray cans for each, 3 primary colors, black, and white plus one other you like. Don't forget gloves!

Plan at least 6 hours of painting time and breaks in the middle. We planned the graffiti workshop divided into 3 sections:

  1. Brainstorming

  2. day one for the first approach with the spray technique.

  3. second day for refining.​

It was a great experience which ended with an article in the regional newspaper!

Click on the lind below:

Have a great graffiti experience!

Graffiti: Welcome
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