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What and How

Linoleum printing is a method of relief printing, which involves carving a drawing into a soft linoleum block, rolling color, and printing. It's easy but it requires very clear instructions.

Step 1: Pedagogical promenade and photo section. 

  • Inspire the participants through a promenade in the most representative place in town. We choose the old town. During the promenade show them the most relevant buildings and talk about them from en historical perspective. 

  • Encourage the participants to look at building details and take pictures with their mobiles. 

  • And the end of the pedagogical promenade each participant is going to have at least 10 pictures of details that will be used as inspiration for step 2.

Step 2: The technique

  • Each participant chooses a picture from the bunch he has taken during the promenade. 

  • He will draw the picture on paper and transferred it to the linoleum block he is going to use.

  • The participant carves the image into the linoleum block and what's left of the block is inked and printed.

  • Let the participants explore the technique and encourage them to print many times, trying different papers and colors!


  • Linoleum blocks. 

  • Carving tools

  • Linoleum print colors

  • White drawing paper (135 gr)

  • Colored paper (135 gr)


For a group of 30 participants buy one black color (500 gr) one white (250) red(250 g) Blue (250 gr) yellow (250 gr). Let the participant explore the technique by printing many times with different colors on different paper!

The linoleum we have use is lino softcut which is very soft and perfect for beginners.

linoleum printing: Welcome
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