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The Art of Belonging - Lund Acrylic Painting on canvas

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Lara and Katarina open the door to the visual art room for the 4th day.

My Lund is the theme of todays acrylic painting workshop with focus on identity and belonging. Lara Starts the section by introducing the word "belonging" (att höra till in Swedish) and let the participants define it.

Aspects as "to feel good in a place", "to feel safe" where recurrent as much as "family", "friends", "peace" and "tranquillity".

If yesterday was all about sketching what we saw, today is about painting what we feel.

The activity aims to identify aspects of Lund that the participants assimilated and associate with taste, colours, shapes and more.

If Lund was an animal, which animal would it be? Which colour? Which food, shape and object?

The participants started sketching on paper, then on canvas, then they used acrylic paint.

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